French Striped Tea Towel Hostess Gifts - 3 Ways

If you are invited over to a friend's house for dinner, cocktails, or even a backyard bbq, I believe it's important to bring a gift for the host to show your appreciation.

A popular gift is to bring a bottle of wine. Instead of using a wine bag or just handing them the wine, you can wrap the bottle in a tea towel to add more sophistication to the gift, and an added bonus gift as well.

Below are three different ways you can present the bottle to your host.


1. Cut craft paper to diameter of bottle, and wrap around bottle.
2. Tri-fold the tea towel, and wrap around the craft paper.
3. Once wrapped, tie with jute or ribbon.
1. Place bottle on tea towel, with the bottom of the bottom aligned with the bottom of the tea towel.
2. Wrap bottle
3. Fold back top corner, and continue to fold back until the top of the bottle is exposed.
1. Place bottle inside the corner attached loop.
2. Take the other corners & tuck inside the loop.
3. Tuck the sides of the towel inside folds.
4. Finish with ribbon.
I hope you are inspired by this simple tutorial, and I know your host will truly appreciate the effort and the gift.
The Chateau Collection, LLC