A guide to cloth napkin sizes and their uses.

You may have noticed cloth napkins come in several shapes and sizes. But did you know each size serves a different purpose? Today, napkins are an essential element when it comes to everyday dining, setting up an elegant table, or making a meal or a gathering more pleasurable.

Below is a list of the different sizes of napkins and their uses.

Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins are the smallest size available, typically measuring 5 by 5 inches when folded. They are the perfect size for standing events and cocktail parties. Their small size allows guests to hold them while sipping on a drink and nibbling on hors d'oeuvres. Cocktail napkins have also become popular for coffee table décor and bar cart accessories.

Luncheon Napkins

Luncheon napkins are larger than cocktail napkins, typically measuring 14 inches - 16 inches squared. They are commonly used for meals that require utensils, such as lunch or brunch. Luncheon napkins can also be a suitable size for desserts, tea parties, and informal gatherings that require guests to use utensils.

Informal Dinner Napkins

Informal dinner napkins are typically measuring 18 inches - 20 inches squared. They are larger and can be presented to guests intricately folded or placed on charger plates, and are large enough to completely cover a persons lap while eating.

Formal Dinner Napkins

Formal dinner napkins measure 22 inches - 26 inches squared. They are typically used for multiple course meals and for formal events such as weddings and banquets.

Now you have the knowledge of why napkins come in different sizes and their uses, you can make your guests feel welcome and at ease when enjoying a meal or gathering in your home.

 Bon Appetit!